RIP - '88 Camaro

My old '88 Camaro

All I've gotta say is, this car was a friggin' work horse! I got the Camaro in October of 1996 (with 141,000 KM), and she still drove well when I let her go, in December of 2003 (with 193,000 km). I beat up on this car like no other, and she kept coming back, asking for more! I'm sad to see the Camaro go, but it had gotten to a point where there was just too much to be fixed to make it worth doing. The driver's seat no longer stays up (as I'm tall, the driver's seat is all the way back and on a pretty good angle, too). It developed holes in the seats from wear of getting in and out. There's an electrical problem that had plagued the car for over a year - I think due to a faulty ground somewhere. The steering had become pretty loose. The list goes on, and on...

The following modifications were made to the car:

  • Modified Airbox / homemade CAI, with K&N panel filters
  • Dynomax catback, with 3" chrome tailpipes (Damn - this thing was louder than the Lightning)
  • Better spark From Jacob's Electronics and Accel components
  • High flow catalytic converter (make that two, the first one blew up)
  • Hypertech power pulleys
  • Fastchips custom burnt chip
  • 3.73 Gears (first installed 4.10s, but one of the teeth on the ring broke)
  • Suspension pieces off of a 1LE Z28
  • Aluminum 15x7 wheels, wrapped with 225-60-15 tires
  • Nice stereo - Kenwood deck and changer, Pioneer components. 2 10" JLs in the trunk

The car wasn't really quick, by any stretch - I'm sure a lot of rice could walk me if it wasn't a dead stop (GM's 700r4 tranny with the gears I put in really made a HUGE impact on the initial umph). Throw it into a corner though, and this car was nothing but grins. I think the lower weight V6 actually balanced this car very nicely, from a handling point of view. While not a beast, this was an absolute blast to drive. To just turn the radio up and cruise, or take a "spirited" drive, this was a great car. I still feel bad - I kinda started to neglect the Camaro, once the Lightning entered the picture.

This car was replaced by the 1995 Cougar XR7, check out the pages I have on it...