Cougar XR7 - Apten Chip

When I sent the Lightning supercharger away, to Apten Performance, I also ordered a chip for the Cougar. My CTQs (crtical to quality) were:

  1. Firm up the shifts a little, and perhaps raise shift points a touch
  2. Remove the speed limiter (speed limiter comes on too soon, because of the 3.73's)
  3. Raise the rev limiter (bounces off the rev limiter during WOT shifts, because of the 3.73's)
  4. More power would be nice - I put in cooler plugs to go with this

I'm hoping to get about 10HP / TQ out of this modification, and that should get the Cougar into the very low 15's.

Ready to be installed

The above came, courtesy of Apten Performance. One chip, sticker (which is nice but will not go on my car), and a pad to scrub the computer down. The install was very simple, so I won't go into detail - basically, pull the computer, clean the connections with the pad, put the chip in the computer and then put everything back together.

So, am I happy? You BET! I cannot believe the difference this mod makes! The speed limiter was really pissing me off, and is what really forced me to get a chip - I'm very glad I did. All of my CTQs were met, and / or exceeded. I have to watch the shifts, though, as now the car chirps the tires on the 1 - 2 shift. Power has definitely increased, particularly on the low end. I think it should be able to fire off low, low, low 15's.

Prior to selling the Cougar, I wasn't able to obtain empirical data, to quantify the improvements made by the chip. There was a definite SOTP increase, and I thought it was well worth it.