Cougar XR7 - Cold Air Intake

Here is a picture of the stock intake tubing:

Stock intake

What you don't see is how restrictive that big plastic piece of junk actually is. It narrows to about one square inch at one point. Not good...

As an interim solution, I picked up some plastic tubing, and installed it, in the place of the "violin case" that was originally there. While at it, I also removed the air silencer (just another restriction in the stock system), which is located just below the air filter, and replaced the stock paper filter with a panel filter from K&N, which flows a little better.

Intake installed

There is actually a noticeable gain, from this. I'm not talking huge gains, but the engine runs through the revs quicker, and feels stronger, particularly up top. The volume level for the engine has also been turned up (which is not a bad thing). The down side is that it looks crappy, and I don't feel comfortable that it will stay together (it just seems too flimsy).

I have now gone with a RichardM designed intake tube. It's been painted flat black, and looks like it could be stock, now that it's installed. Performance is no different from before, but for the looks and piece of mind that the tubing isn't going to come undone at speed it is worth it.

RichardM intake installed