1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 Modifications

As I stated in the Story section, the Cougar is a very nice car, but doesn't exactly scream performance, or fun. Don't get me wrong, this WAS my daily driver. I didn't want a race car... Hell I had the Lightning and the Z28 to fulfill any speed related needs I may have had. I just wanted a little more pep, looks and handling out of this vehicle.

For every modification that I made, I have included my thoughts, and how to's, where applicable. The following list includes everything I did, before trading in the Cougar, to get the 2003 Marauder


The stereo replaced the crap-tacular stock system(Premium sound my ass!). The other made a noticeable difference, and (based on feel) put the car into the low-15 second range and the suspension was firmed up, substantially. It became a fun car to drive, with these changes. Not exactly a laundry list of upgrades, and nothing terribly expensive... Just some basic bolt-ons, that should have a dramatic effect when combined.