Cougar XR7 - Stereo

The local Futureshop ( was kind enough to have a pre-Christmas sale, and I picked up the new stereo - It was actually a Christmas gift from my girlfriend, so she was the one that saved on the deal. For the head unit, I am using a Pioneer DEH-P7400MP, and four Pioneer TS-A6867 6"x8" speakers in the four stock locations (two in the doors, and two located in the pillars beside the reap seats. I also negotiated with the salesperson for free install of the pieces. In addition I bought Futureshop's extended warrantee. I like the fact that they will replace the speakers (blown or not) no questions asked for the next 4 years... Well worth the extra couple bucks, IMO.

The new head unit

The new head unit's remote

This deck is the best I've ever owned. To date I haven't been able to get it to skip - and I have tried. The moving displays are pretty, but can get annoying. MP3 CD playback is great! I've got a CD with 130 of my favorite songs sitting in the car now... There's a slight delay in-between MP3's, but I had expected that. I still have the two 10" subs and amp that I pulled prior to getting rid of the Camaro, but I haven't decided if I'm going to put them in the trunk, or not. The Camaro was a hatchback, so the speakers were crisp, but I don't know how it will sound having to penetrate the leather seats, etc. Either way, the stereo sounds very nice as is.

UPDATE - Sounding nice is fine, but I have a box with two 10" subs, and an amp lying around, collecting dust... That's just not right! This should add a little more thump to system, but still not be obnoxious.

This will provide a little bump in the trunk

So, I picked up the extra wiring I'd need, to get the job done, and spent a leisurely Saturday afternoon putting it all in. I haven't cleaned up the trunk completed, yet, as I wasn't 100% sure this was going to be the final configuration, so please mind the mess. You'll get the idea what it will look like, once cleaned up. Best of all, I still have plenty of trunk space, too... Not like when I had this box in the Camaro... The whole trunk was wasted, couldn't even put a set of golf clubs in.

A little bump in the trunk