Cougar XR7 - Suspension

I ordered Eibach's Pro-Kit (which lowers the car 1.5") and a set of Koni shocks/struts for the car from Yeah, I know, there are cheaper brands, but the handling is what this car needs to be addressed the most. I didn't think cheaping out would get me the results, I so desperately want. It has arrived (as you can see by the boxes below).

Parts to lower the Cougar

OK, I have to admit, I was a little scared to do this install myself, so I paid someone else to do it. Something about the compressed spring launching like a rocket just didn't get me too excited about the possibilities. So, no how-to guide, for this one. For anyone that may want to tackle this themselves, here's a how-to from

Once the install was finished, I put the new wheels/tires on, then got a four-wheel alignment. The car looks great, with the drop and the new wheels and tires.

Lowered and ready to go

The Koni shocks are fully adjustable, with the turn of a knob. After playing with the settings on all fours, I prefer it set to 75% firmnest up front and 50% firmness on the back. This keeps the handling crisp, but the car doesn't get the "jumpy-ass syndrome" that you see on so many Civics (the rear continuously jumps whenever the car hits any little bump). Ride firmness is slightly stiffer, but not to the point where it becomes uncomfortable. It passed the "female test" - I have had my g/f and mom in the car, and neither found it to be uncomfortable.

The handling characteristics are absolutely great! I also changed the wheels and tires, so they help out a lot, too. Now, the car handles better in the rain than it used to under ideal conditions. The Cougar could now easily out-handle the Camaro I used to drive. The car has become much more predictable, and controllable. I have taken many turns at high speed, and haven't had the tires bark back at me, yet. I'm still learning what the capabilities of the car are, and will continue to have fun doing it.

Lowered and ready to go

Was it worth it? Would I buy the expensive parts, again? Ultimately, the best way to sum up my thoughts are this: For the first time since I bought the Cougar, I can honestly say that it is now fun to drive!