RIP - '95 Cougar XR7

The Cougar replaced the 1988 Camaro (also in the RIP section) as my daily driver. If you take a look at the Cougar's Story page, you'll find out how I ended up finding the Cougar. Here's a picture of the Cougar, in my driveway (notice my old Camaro in the background):

My old '95 Cougar

Overall, the car is very nice. I'm the second owner of the car, and picked it up with only 90,000km on it - lady driven (yes, I DO know the previous owner). Basically, it has every option, with the exception of a moon roof (which would severely limit my ability to sit in the car, let alone drive it safely). The 4.6L V8, Power/Leather interior, traction control, etc. All in a very well maintained vehicle.

Having said that, it does lack the driving experience, in comparison to some of the other cars I had been looking at. The Cougar's price was right, but I'm the first to admit that it needs a little more, which will be covered in the Cougar's Modifications page. I don't have any incredible expectations for this car, but I would like some decent music/acceleration/handling capabilities. I plan to have all modifications for this car completed very rapidly, as this IS a daily driver.

I will continue to update the pages dedicated to the Cougar, as changes are made to the car.>