2001 Ford Escape XLS

Without going into greta detail, Mercedes (my wife) was forced into a situation be work where she needed a car, to commute. Little time was given, and we had to get a vehicle for her, and fast...

Luckily, we knew someone who was getting ready to sell a low mileage, well maintained, still under extended warranty Ford Escape... Years ago, when Mercedes first got her driver's license, a Ford Escape was her "dream car" so it all kinda came together... It took all of a couple of days, and we were the proud owners of a new (to us) Escape XLS.

The interior is okay, for me, perfect for her. The Escape drives more like a truck than a car, but is relatively well mannered, for an SUV. Where it really shines, is inclimate weather. Sure-footed and confident, the Escape seems to just go through anything, with no questions asked.

All cleaned up, the Escape looks pretty good.

Realistically, the Escape is Mercedes' vehicle, and won't see too many modifications, as a result. Maybe a new stereo (does Ford put something other than crap in any of it's offerings???), and possibly some other odds and sods. Mercedes did purchase an air freshener, if that counts ;)

Even with no wax applied, she still shines.