Lightning - Apten Ported Blower

I sent my stock Eaton supercharger away, to Apten Performance, for the blower to be ported. I'm hoping to get about 30HP / TQ out of this modification, and ensure that the Lightning runs solid twelve's, all the time.

The first step was to actually remove the supercharger, from the truck. To see the step-by-step instructions, go here. Wow - the top of that intercooler is really dirty (oil in the intake)!

What a filthy mess in there!

While I cleaned up that mess, Apten was busy doing their thing... Boy, was I glad to see this come in:

My old / new supercharger has arrived!!!

Here's all the paperwork they had to fill out, to get the blower back to me, in Canada (bloody customs) :(

Whole lotta paperwork had to be filled out for the border crossing, proving the part was mine, and not purchased in the US (would then be subject to taxes and duty)

I will not post images of the bottom, but here's where the air enters the supercharger... Looks perdy :)

Ported intake side of the Eaton supercharger

The supercharger went back on, just as easy as it came off. With the ported blower, this thing SCREAMS now. The little bit of throttle commands the supercharger to start spinning up the boost - it comes on quicker and harder than before. The supercharger volume level has also increased, and I think the louder whine is also a little higher pitched than before. All and all, I think this was a good mod, which also allowed for me to later swap out my 4lb. lower for a 6lb. lower, and benefit from the increased efficiency of the port job.