Lightning - K&N FIPK Intake

Well, the K&N Panel Filter worked well, and gave me a maximum gain of 8 horsepower and 8 ft/lbs, but it just couldn't feed enough air to the engine, now that I'm making extra boost. K&N offer an FIPK Kit, specific to the Lightning, and it can be had pretty easily off eBay, for far less than the local performance shops.

This modification is super easy to do, although the instructions included with the kit leave a lot to be desired... But, if you can turn a wrench, you won't have any problems figuring out how it goes together. The best thing to do is lay out all the parts, figure out which parts go where, and connect everything before even going to the truck, so you know how it all fits together. The whole kit is really well put together, with no fitment or quality issues, at all. Normally, the FIPK is a little bit pricey, but I was given this as a Christmas gift (thanks, hon), so I don't have to worry about cost ;)

Once you've figured it out, turn a few wrenches and screw drivers, and the old filter and tubing come right out. From there, the heat shield drops right in to place.

Nice power, thank to the K&N FIPK

All that's left to do is pop in the filter and connect the tubing. Dead easy!

Nice power, thank to the K&N FIPK

I don't know yet what the gains are, but I can tell you that it's definitely noticed. The sound is much louder, and the blower builds up more boost, faster. If I'm cruising at 60, and just touch the gas to ease it up to 70 the engine starts making boost. Less than 1.4 pedal, and it easily reaches 5lbs or more. I plan to dyno the truck in the very near future, and am hopeful this will pick up 15 HP for me...

The K&N Panel Filter in the stock housing obviously was holding the truck back - Power levels increased substantially, from 405HP and 471TQ up to 423HP and 494TQ! The image below shows both my race and street tunes, with the K&N FIPK installed (no reburn). Click on the graph below to enlarge.

Nice power, thank to the K&N FIPK