Lightning - Street Scene Grille

As mentioned elsewhere, my stock grille was cracked, when something jumped out in front of the truck. As such, I decided that I needed to do something to replace the grille, but what?

I decided the Street Scene Speed Grille was the one for me, and opted for the satin finish. Here's the grille:

What's in the box?

I test fit the grille, for fitment, before actually spending the time to install it. In the photo, it looks like there are some gaps, but it's just because the grille is propped in place. It does look clean, when properly put in place. Personally, I think it looks really good:

Test fitting the Grille

I have finally completed this installation... It was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I think really looks sharp. The installation was really pretty smooth - the bottom grille is held in by 9 screws, and it took all of 25 minutes to pop the old one out, and put the new one in place. The upper took longer, only because I had a tough time removing the lighted logo - my arms are too big for the little space I had to reach through...

Here is the truck, post-install:

Grille installed

And a shot of the truck, with a little nicer background, to show it off a little more ;)

Looking sweet