Lightning - Trip to JLP (6lb and retune)

The 4lb combo I've had served me well, but I started to develop a thirst for more power. With the Eaton already ported, I decided to make the most of my existing mods by upping to a 6lb lower. On some of the really cool days we get here, I've already pegged the MAF Sensor (more air than the sensor can deal with is flowing through) a few times when I've data logged, and that's with the 4lber - there's no way I was going to take a chance with the 6lb on, so I also decided I needed a MAFia (MAF Sensor extender, allowing for accurate measurement of increased airflow) nd a proper dyno tune to go with... Now, all I had to do was make it down to Pennsylvania, to visit Johnny Lightning!

I was able to take a few days off in August 2006, and planned my trip out. I jumped in the truck, and saw a LOT of nothing, hauling nothing but ass along the way. Lucky for me, I decided to stop for the night about 25 miles from Watkins Glen, NY the DAY BEFORE THE NASCAR RACE! Busy? It was crazy-busy. I ended up staying in the No-So-Best Worst-Inn (motel) for $191 a night. Glad I was continuing on the next day. I took a nice, leisurely pace, bought a sub from Subway and waited to find the perfect spot for a picnic... It wasn't long before I found this view to my left, and I promptly pulled over, hoped out and ate while enjoying the view.

Scenic trip

After that, I was back on the road and headed towards Johnny's shop. A quick stop off in Hershey (land of chocolate) was in order, so I could load up on chocolates that aren't sold in Canada, for my family and friends, then the real reason for the trip.

Getting fine tuned

I was like a kid on Christmas, anxious to open my gift! I kept peaking in, to see how things were progressing with the install of the 6lb lower, MAFia and a new set of densos... Soon enough, the truck was put onto the dyno for the tuning to begin. This truck just wanted to run lean for the first 4-5 pulls, no matter how much fuel Johnny programmed in, but slowly the air/fuel ratio came down to acceptable, safe levels (sub 11.5 throughout the powerband). Even with the heat soaked engine and hot 85+ degree weather, the truck still managed to put out 426.4HP and 527.1TQ (SAE). Not too shabby! For those counting, that's 3HP and 30TQ more than the 4lb pulley made!

The low end power has increased dramatically, and made the truck a really fun street beast. I can't imagine what this thing would be like without the Nittos out back. At the track my 60' time are a balancing act, but the increased power has enabled me to hit a 1.779 (betters my previous best by a full tenth). With this combo, I managed two 12.5xx runs, one with a 1.868 60' - 12.549@110.12 and the second, hot lapping with a 1.779 60' - 12.539@108.91. I'm sure with that kind of 60' time on a good day and cool engine I could hit a 12.4 or 12.3.

After putting the truck on the dyno, the truck pulled a max of 441HP and 531TQ! Notice the nice safe air/fuel ratios. As always, Johnny Lightning provides a top notch program, and great customer service. Click on the graph below to enlarge.

Lightning Dyno - 441HP/531TQ