Lightning - K&N Panel Filter

Well, the K&N Air Filter (part number is 33-2140-1) is pretty self explanatory, and is a direct replacement. As you can see from the Dyno Chart I picked up 5 horses, and 4 ft/lbs. at peak, and maximum gains of 8 horsepower and 8 ft/lbs, with nothing more than a simple swap from the stock filter.

the K&N Air Filter (part number is 33-2140-1)

The modification to the airbox that I have done is cut several 2" holes in the bottom. All you need is a drill, the right attachment and a couple of minutes. Here is a picture of the airbox, after I cut the holes.

Lightning airbox, with holes drilled for added airflow

I can't say that huge gains were noticed, but it does seem to rev up a little quicker, and the sound of the blower is louder. For a free mod, and only taking a couple of minutes to complete, how can you go wrong? I wouldn't be surprised if I picked up a couple of extra horses. Besides, from what I have seen, there hasn't been huge gains made by anyone installing an aftermarket CAI, either. In the future, I plan to put two larger holes to each sid if the centrally located hole, as well.

After getting a 4lb. lower and ported blower, I started to think the panel filter was holding me back. While great for a mildly modded Lightning, I had plans to increase the boost, and knew the panel filter was going to be gone, sooner, or later.