Lightning - Lighted Ford Logo

Preamble: My apologies... I was unable to take any photos while I installed the light (I just plain forgot to take the pics).

I decided the Lightning needed a little extra, to make it stand out. I'm hoping this will catch ricer's attention enough to take a closer look, as a lot seem to pass the L by as "just another truck." So, I purchased a Lighted Ford Logo, from NorthCoast Performance (I've received several emails about where to get the lighted gauge, now - apparently NorthCoast doesn't offer it, anymore. Sorry, but I have no clue???).

The logo replaces the stock one, in the grill, and measures 7 inches in length. The cost was $39.95 US and service was excellent. Shipping (from Buffalo, NY to Toronto) was only 2 days. I would highly recommend these guys, and am thinking about buying some rims for the Cougar from them.

There are instructions for install, that can be found at, that I used as a reference. As I found out, unfortunately, the install is a little different for a 2001. But the reference definitely made it easier to go through.

Basically, you want to remove to large piece of black plastic here, by removing the several little plugs that hold it in place.

Once I got that off, I was able to slit my hand in, and just push the original logo out. I thought there'd be something holding it in place, but I guess not.

I had to drill the holes a little bigger for the hardware to fit, and one hole for the wire to go through the grill, but it went on dead easy. I used the double-sided tape to hold the logo, and tightened the nuts a little, to hold it "just in case."

From there, the wires were tucked away, and run down to the fog light, on the driver's side. The wires for the logo are red and brown. The black wire from the logo goes to the frame of the truck, and I attached the brown wire to the positive wire for the fog light. I heavily wrapped the wire with electric tape, and then covered it up with the original wire covering.

After that, it's just a matter of putting it all back together.

The logo really makes the truck stand out at night. Personally, I think it even looks better than the original silver one during the daytime (the FORD looks like a cream-white color). For the minimal cost, and ease of installation, I think this is a great mod. Just hope everyone doesn't do it, too, as I'd like to have some originality. Here's the end result:

Logo turned on