Lightning - MAC Catback Exhaust

I ordered the catback from Don Walker, who can be reached on the National Lightning Owners Club ( under the supporting vendors section (at this link). It took a little while longer than I had originally thought to get to me, but this system has just been released, and I don't think MAC accurately gauged the initial demand for this product. At any rate, Don was quick to keep me updated, and never left me in the dark, while waiting.

The catback came in August 6th, and was waiting for me at the local FedEx location. Much to my surprise, Don was able to ship it to me with no extra costs, no duty, brokerage, etc. it's a little thing, but goes a long way with me. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the service received, and would highly recommend this vendor to others.

What's in the box?

This is probably the closest to work my truck has ever done. I bought the Lightning knowing full well that it was going to be a nice weather only vehicle, a summer toy, if you will. I suppose it's OK in this instance, though, since it was to bring home a new toy for the truck, after all.

The truck is hauling something!

Here is the kit, once pulled out of the box. It looks really nice, and this picture doesn't really do it justice.

Here's what was in that box!

I did have some fitment issues (I'm not the first) - it was very difficult to get the tips lined up properly. I actually had to put a pry-bar in each pipe, to raise the rear, and lower the front pipe. I suspect I will have to do this a couple more times, as the system settles in place. Would this stop me from doing it again? Hell no!!! These units are mass produced, and will never be "exact" to your vehicle. I expected this, and it is therefore not an issue for me.

Here's a picture of the new tips, after installation, followed by a picture of the original tips, for comparison. As you can see, the new tips are substantially larger than the old ones, and fill in the hole much better. They do stick out more (about 1.5 inches), but that was in part due to my own design. I suppose you could have them flush with the ground effects, should you so desire. Clicking on the "MAC" image will let you hear what the exhaust sounds like after the install.




Stock tailpipes

In my opinion, this system is well worth the money. This price is right (in comparison to the others currently on the market), and it looks and sounds great! Even if this is worth absolutely no gain, I'm still satisfied. Now my performance truck screams (figuratively and literally) the way it should. As I motor down the street, the truck yells, "Who wants some!"