Lightning - Bassani Mid Pies and High Flow Cats

After some debate, I finally decided that I wanted to get a set of high flow mid pipes, with catalytic converters. From everything I've heard, they should help with a little more power, and a lot more volume! I ordered the parts from, who is a supporting vendor for the National Harley Truck Owners Club (at this link). Joseph was quick to keep me updated, and never left me in the dark, while waiting for brown to drop off the big box (within about a week of ordering).

What's in the box?

Here is the kit, once pulled out of the box. It looks really nice, and this picture doesn't really do it justice.

This was in the box

When I first bought the mids, it was awfully cold outside, so the install was delayed for a little while. I also purchased the A/F gauge at the same time, and needed to weld a bung into the pipes. I decided that since I don't have access to a welder, I would just pay a local muffler shop to handle the cutting, welding and install of the pipes.

After the install of the mid pipes, I'm not sure that I gained any seat of the pants power, but it a) can't hurt and b) sounds meaner than before. If anything, there might be a little power increase on the high end of the power band. There is rumble at idle (with a really nice burble), it screams at wide open and releasing the throttle creates a really nice burbling purr. Clicking on the tailpipes below will let you hear what the exhaust sounds like, post install (in parks, just throwing a couple of revs at it).