Lightning - Stereo

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I sold the Mercury Cougar. Before doing so, I yanked out the stereo. I am now in the process of putting it into the Lightning. The head unit is a Pioneer DEH-P7400MP, and four Pioneer TS-A6867 6"x8" speakers will go in the four stock locations (two in the doors, and two located in the wall, behind the seats.

Head unit

Stereo remote

This deck sounded good in the Cougar, and with the smaller interior in the Lightning, I think it will perform nicely.The moving displays are pretty, but can get annoying. MP3 CD playback is great! I've got a CD with 130 of my favorite songs sitting in the car now... There's a slight delay in-between MP3's, but I had expected that. I still have the two 10" subs and amp that I also pulled, but I haven't decided if I'm going to put them in the truck, or not. Either way, the stereo will sound nice, as is.

Well, that didn't last too long, before I wanted more bass. As luck would have it, I've got some stereo equipment just lying around, and MTX makes a Thunderform (custom speaker fitted box), for regular cab F150's. I picked one up, off eBay, and I'm off.

First thing to do was remove the tool box, from behind the seat. This is real easy to do, as there's only 3 nuts holding it in. After that, it's time to start running wires. I pulled of the two door sills, to use the hidden channels to run the wires to the back of the cab.

Next up is the passenger side, where I've run the power wire. Ford conveniently left a rubber grommet, in the perfect place (you can see it to the left in this image). From there, it has a clear shot right to the battery, running up the top-side of the wheel well. I connected the ground wire to the bolt that holds the jack in place (located directly under the passenger seat).


The driver's side is where i ran the lead wire, and RCA plugs from the head unit. It took a little bit to snake the wires from the radio, over to the kick panel, keeping them hidden out of sight. From there, hey run under the door sill, and then along the back wall, over to the passenger side.


Now I've got all the wires run. and started to connect the amp.

All wired up

Finally, all that's left to do is to actually pop the speakers in. It was really easy to do, and only took a few hours. This included connecting everything outside of the truck, to make sure it was functional and a couple of dry installs, for fitment. When the seats are in their normal positions, you wouldn't even know anything is back there (other than the sound and back massage). Here's how it looks behind the seat, now: