Lightning - Truck Traks

I'm always scouring the National Lightning Owners Club ( classifieds (in this forum) for a deal. Another user had a set of Truck-Traks that they were looking to unload, and I had to jump at the idea.

Unfortunately, there were some problems with UPS - they were sitting in the UPS Warehouse for over a week, without UPS informing the shipper, or myself. It wasn't until both of us got on the horn with UPS that the situation was rectified. Nevertheless, on February 10th, "Brown" came through, with a 40 lb. box.

The pieces are very nice looking, and appear to be quite strong. Here's a picture of them:

Here is a picture of the connections. The picture could've come out a little better, almost looks like there's some rust on the nuts, but there isn't.

Included were additional snubbers and the above pictured spacer plates, as the original owner had these installed on a lowered Lightning. While I don't think I'll be dropping my truck anytime soon, if I ever choose to this mod will still be good to go.

April 20, 2003 - The weather has finally started to turn, an the Lightning has slowly started to come out of it's looong hibernation. As such, It was time for a little Spring Checkup. Changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, and swap tires (fronts to backs and backs to fronts). While I had the truck up on the lift (it helps that I know the guys that own the garage - they let me use the facilities and tools for free), I yanked the hitch - only 8 bolts holding it on, but damned if one wasn't a real bitch to get off... I f'ed up the bolt trying to get it off, too. Then I installed the Truck-Traks. Not too much to say on the install, just go here, to get the directions. Basically, line'em up, and tighten the bolts down. done!

After the install, I had to go for a "spirited" drive, you know... to try the mod out :P I am quite impressed! I haven't been able to substantiate any gains, but there is definitely better traction. I can't just rev to 1500 and mash the loud pedal from a stand still, but there is a marked improvement. Even dropping the hammer from a roll has improved, too! I will be doing some more scientific testing (by that I mean I'll be going to the track, once it's open), and will complete this report.

I've been to the track, and am more than suitably impressed with the outcome! My best run was 13.5 at 102.8. That's two-tenths better than my previous best. More impressive was that my averages over eight runs were all better than my previous outing (averages then were over 7 runs). Go check out my Lightning Drag Racing Page, for full details on all of the runs. My e.t.'s progressively got lower, as I continued to play with the variables (tire pressure, launch RPM and launch technique. I still haven't gotten the most out of it yet, either I know the truck has a 1.9x 60' and with that I should be good for a 13.3 - 13.4. Oh well, save a little suspense for the next trip to the track, huh?