Marauder - DRL "Fix"

Ford, in all it's infinite wisdom decided not to provide the owner with a way to turn the Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) off, for any reason. If parked with the engine on, the lights are too. While those south of the border probably don't suffer from this problem, fellow Canuck owners will share my pain. This is extremely annoying, when you need the engine on, but don't feel like drawing attention to yourself - like at a drive-in movie, or quietly parked with company ;)

Luckily enough, Ford has kept it pretty simple, for years - probably because there is a Canadian-only requirement for DRLs. Anyway, by simply pulling one connection, you can completely disable the DRLs.

Stick your head under the car, and look directly up, through the gap under the radiator. On the driver's side, you'll see this:

Here's the DRL Module plug

Pull this one plug out, and you're done:

Here's the DRL Module plug pulled out

From this:

DRL's on

To this, in 30 seconds:

DRL's off

I think this makes the Marauder look a lot more "menacing" - a look that befits it!

Now, I don't want to dig under the car and get dirty, every time I want to go stealth... I needed to figure out how I can wire a toggle switch to the cockpit, so that I could turn the lights on and off, from the comfort of the driver's seat. Time to start figuring out which wire is which. The Purple and Orange wire is the ignition lead. With the ignition turned fully off, the parking lights will come on, but not the DRL's. Switch the ignition to to ACC, and the lights come on. I've found my wire!

I connected some spare speaker wire (14-gauge) and put in inside some of that protective plastic tubing. I ran it over to behind the passenger headlight, then along the top of the wheel well, and then dropped it down to the large grommet on the passenger side firewall - what a pain to try an squeeze my hand up from underneath, to feed the wire through the grommet!

From there, it was easy to keep the wires hidden behind the carpet, and over to the console. I have a flip switch, that could be lit, if I ran it some power. Maybe, once I decide on final location I'll get power to it - depends on how "stealthy" I want to keep the switch. For now, I've kept the switch hidden, underneath the center console. I can easily reach down, and turn my DRL's on/off.