Marauder - Gauges

After getting one of these gauges for the Lightning (see the Lightning Gauges page here), I knew I needed to get one for the Marauder, too. The install on the Lightning was dead easy, but the face was customized for the Lightning specifically. In talking with Lew (mastertvtech from nloc), who I bought the Lightning gauge from, I found out that a Marauder startup screen was in the works.

As with the Lightning, I wasn't overly enthused with the gauge face - it just didn't do the gauge justice. With a few minutes in PhotoShop, I managed to come up with a mock up, which was printed on transparency paper (like used in high school overhead projectors). I then cut the pattern out, popped the gauge trim bezel off and... well... here's how it looks:

Here's the custom gauge overlay I created

To install the gauge, it's really quite simple - the gauge plugs into the OBDII port (driver's side, just above the gas pedal). That's it. It's fed data from the3 port, and gets power from it, as well. I decided to remove the stock oil pressure gauge (which really doesn't tell you the pressure, it's just a dummy on/off gauge, anyway) and pop the multifunction gauge in there. First step was to remove the stock trim panel, by reaching around on both sides and pulling back on it gently.

Stock gauges come out very easily

From there, just spin two nuts to remove the old gauge, and use the bracket provided with the multifunction gauge to secure it in place (a little bending of the bracket was required for me). Plug the wires in and put it back together. Took all of 10-minutes, at most. Turned on the car, and it worked like a charm:

Here's the gauge installed

The green is a perfect match for the interior of the Marauder, and looks great at night! (sorry it's so blurry)

Here's the gauge at night