Marauder - JLT Intake

I'd been thinking about purchasing an air intake kit, for the Marauder... Then, I found out the JLT was having a group buy, for Marauder owners. I quickly jumped to JLT's website, to place my order. I placed my order late in the day (evening) on Friday April 15th. On April 25th (6 business days later) the post man came bearing a present for me ;)

What's in the box?

Since it was sent to Canada, I'm VERY impressed with how quickly it got here. All I can think is that Jay sent it out, immediately. Anyway, back to the good stuff - I quickly opened the package, to look at my new toy - A JLT air intake kit, I purchased as part of a group buy.

Here's what was in the box

I waited for the the weather to get a little better, since it was raining and generally miserable, when it first arrived. I mean, I wanted to at least do some before - after testing, with a G-Tech, to see what kind of difference this makes. If the kit performs as well as the company, I'll be very pleased.

I could provide detailed instructions on how to install the kit, but the one's Jay provides are as good as anything I could do. It's really a simple process - remove the old filter assembly and intake tube, and install the new one. If you can turn a screwdriver and use a socket set, you're good to go!

The kit fits like a glove - here it is, in the car:

Here's the JLT in the Marauder

So, was it worth it? You bet! The car sounds better (more growl) and feels stronger. Put to the test, it showed a gain, too. I performed a before / after 0 - 60 test, to validate the increases that this kit provides. It should be noted, my test procedure will not elicit the car's best results possible. The plan is to remove as many variables as possible and make the tests as apples-apples, to identify the net change, caused by the JLT.

  • All done on the same day, with virtually same conditions (only an hour or so apart)
  • Full tank of gas, to remove any weight differences
  • Drive a set route (~10 miles) to bring the car up to full operating temperature visit private track
  • Average of 4 0 - 60mph runs, alternating direction (consistent launch technique, feathering in from 1500rpm)
  • Go home and Install JLT and allow for a short break
  • Drive same set route as before, bringing the car back to full temp, again visit private track
  • Again, average of 4 0 - 60mph runs, alternating direction (same launch technique)

End results:

Stock Average
JLT Average



After further use, I have noticed that the JLT does appear to be rubbing the insulation under the hood of the car. Others have reported the same issue, as well. They have reported that this is resolved by removing and reinstalling the intake tube, thus re-setting the intake, and possibly lowering it the fraction of an inch required to avoid rubbing. I haven't been quite so lucky getting it into the right place, yet :(