2003 Mercury Marauder Modifications

Current Modifications made:

Bone stock, I have run a best of 14.8. I've run this on several occasions in the fall (2004) and spring (2005), so I've got a pretty good cool air baseline - the engine should be fully broken in. Based on what I've seen from other owners, I'm ballparking stock output to be in the 250HP / 260TQ range.

2003 Mercury Marauder - Dyno Charts

As stated above, I plan to use the Dyno, as much as possible to track the improvements made to the vehicle. Having said that, the following article is very informative, and helps to put things in prospective. Here is a quote "It is time that people stopped accepting dyno numbers as gospel. Dynos are a tool. As such, they have the potential to not only provide real benefit, but to be misused. It is best to keep this in mind."

everything you ever wanted to know about the dyno

Once I get the car dynoed, I will post the sheets, here.