Marauder - Replacement Rear Tires

For some odd reason, the rear tires seem to wear faster than the fronts, on all my vehicles... I wonder why? :P The BFG's that came with the Marauder had seen better days, and I started searching for a compromise between performance and all-season capabilities.

There aren't many choices in sizes that fit the Marauder - In fact, the BFG's are the only tire in the stock size, 245-55-18. Luckily, 255-55-18 is a popular size for some performance oriented SUV's ( Porsche Cayenne, for example). As such, there are a few more options available to Marauder owners, and the slight increase in height / width doesn't have any negative effects. Now, which tire? I wanted something M&S rated, because this is my daily driver. It's been my experience that pure 'summer' tires are just that, and do not feel confident in the cold weather, just before and after the winter tire season.

The Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge is billed as a tire offering crisp maneuverability and handling without sacrificing a smooth, quiet ride. The outer sidewall is reinforced with Carbon Fiber cords that stiffen the sidewall, while an InsuLayer made with DuPont KEVLAR helps absorb road noise and vibration. I was curious to see how that would translate, on the Marauder.



Here are the tires, ready to be installed:

Here are the tires, ready to go on the Marauder

Here are a couple of pictures, to give you a feel for how the car looks with these tires installed:

Here are the tires on the Marauder

Here are the tires on the Marauder

I've now installed the tires on the Marauder, and have a few more miles under my belt, since installing them. The tires seem OK, but aren't great... I think the mixing of different tires front to back has contributed to a feeling of uneasiness I have with the car in the rain... I can't explain it, but I'm constantly feeling as though the tires could come ungripped. I will replace the front and back together, next time around.