Marauder - Winter Tire Setup

So, winter-time is upon us, here in Toronto. After driving the Marauder in the rain, I quickly realized that, while the 18" wheels and BFG's look really nice, and handle well in dry conditions, they just weren't going to cut it, once the white stuff starts to fall.

A wheel and tire combo for the Marauder is difficult to find, given the different sizes front-to-back. To further complicate matters, Marauders equipped with Traction Control (like mine) don't take kindly to same sized tires, all around. At about 45mph, the computer begins to flip out, thinking that there is too much slippage (because now all four tires are spinning at the exact same rate, whereas before the back tires were taller, and therefore spinning at a slower rate than the fronts)... Long story short, I had to keep the original height ratio of 1:1.05 (front:back).

Luckily enough, I'm not the first to go through this issue. The other owners, from have already done the leg work, to figure out what does and doesn't work. All I had to do was read through other's threads, and write down the pertinent info, to take with me tire shopping. My shopping list included 4x 16" CVPI rims (the black steel wheels you see on every Crown Victoria that says POLICE down the side), and, of course the snow tires. To keep the same brand/tread pattern on all fours, I opted for the Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50 Winterbiters. The sizes are 2x 225/60-16 for the fronts, and 235/65-16 for the backs.

After going to a couple of places, looking for the wheels, I came to the conclusion Ford wants WAAAY too much! I won't publish the number, but whatever you think it would cost, multiple by at least two! Friends of the family own a local garage, and were able to offer me everything, at cost (it's good to have friends, even better when they can help out)... I picked up the wheels and tires, for a very reasonable price.

I've been ridiculously busy with work, the last few weeks (read: 85+ hour weeks), and haven't been able to do anything for myself. In fact, you should see how dirty the inside of the car is :( Anyway, early this morning, I was able to get the new shoes on, and it was a good thing, too. See the picture, to understand why:

Just after putting the the snow tires on, it started to come down

No worries, though. She's back in the garage, safe and sound, away from the snow, 'till tomorrow morning. Now all that's left is for me to get those shiny center caps, that the cops have.

I finally got the center caps, and man does this car look stealth. It gets a ton of looks, and opens the left lane on the highway, like you wouldn't believe. I really like the look (for winter time, anyway):

Here's the Marauder ready for the winter