Marauder - Tinted Windows

As anyone who has had a dark car, with dark leather seats, will tell you, in the summer-time it can get very hot, very fast. That's why I decided I needed to tint this car! :) Here is a picture of the Marauder, when it was stock (not tinted):

Here's the Marauder prior to tinting the windows

So, I took the car to the local Tint King, to get the job done - I've seen too many crappy jobs, that bubble too quickly, for me to even think about trying to do this, myself. They have a good reputation, and the price was acceptable (not the cheapest, but not overpriced, either).

The backs are limo tint (can't see in, at all), and the fronts are 35%. If you look directly in, from side to side, you can see, but from an angle the darkness from the back obscures your view. Here is the finished product:

Here's the Marauder after tinting the windows


Here's the Marauder after tinting the windows