Marauder - Falken Ziex S/T Z01 Tires

The BFG's that came with the Marauder had seen better days, and I replaced the rears with a set of 255-55-18 Goodyear ResponsEdge tires. Honestly, I found them to be lacking. I mean, they were pretty good, at first, but that quickly waned. After about less than 7,000 miles, the tires showed very little wear, but felt sloppy at speeds greater than 55mph. It felt almost like every time I jumped on the highway, the back end was swaying ever so slightly, and it was not very reassuring.

I pulled them off, and replaced all 4 tires with a set of Falken S/T Z01 in a 235-50-18 up front and 255-55-18 out back. Based on just the first few minutes, I could tell the tires handle and hook far better than the old BFG's. After more driving, including daily commuting and a 1,000 mile vacation with my wife, I'm really happy with the tires. They look great, and have a relatively aggressive tire pattern. Road noise is very good, despite the pattern. Handling has improved in dry and wet conditions, and these tires definitely hook better from a stand still. Because I still have limited miles on them, I cannot speak to wear.

Most of my driving time spent since purchase has been in wet conditions. During normal driving in rain, the car hold the road very well. Even with +1 inch of water covering the road, there are no feelings of looseness in the rear end, which I previously felt. STLR FN - has the wet traction progressively diminished since you put them on, or are you just too heavy with the go pedal, in general?

In dry conditions, the tires feel far superior to the stock BFGs. The lateral handling has improved, and there seems to be less sidewall flex (even with the slightly taller tire in the back). From a standing start, the tires squeal a little bit, but grab and go. There's a slight chirp on the 1-2 shift, but, again, it feels much more controlled, compared to the BFGs.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how the tires have performed (during my limited testing). For daily driving purposes, I would buy another set, based on my experience, to-date.

Here are the tires on the Marauder