Other Interests - DVD Collection

Well, It all started with my purchase of my Pioneer DVD Player (still in use - given to my parents), and the then new Matrix DVD. The local Futureshop had a special going, and I jumped on. I was one of those people that weren't quite used to the wide screen format on a 4:3 TV, at first. Now, I wouldn't even think of buying a full screen movie. Watching movies that are broadcast on TV in 4:3 is downright annoying to me.

It soon was apparent that one DVD wasn't going to be enough. So I bought a couple more, then a couple more... This continued, and now, I'm a certifiable nut. I have several hundred movies (box sets like the Planet of The Apes Collection count as one). Now that a successor to DVDs has emerged (HD DVD and Blu-Ray), I will no longer purchase ANY standard def DVDs (except for Simpson's box sets). If it ain't high def, I'll either borrow, download or wait for it to hit cable, but I will not buy it.

Why do I have so many DVDs? Maybe to compensate for my lack of a social life... Nope. Maybe because I don't have anything else I'd prefer to waste my money on? Nope - did you see the vehicles. Maybe because the cost is the same as two tickets at a movie theatre, and I can watch it over and over again? Not to mention I can relax on my comfy couch, rather than a theatre that doesn't have enough leg room for me. Stadium seating... I got news for you - Tall people don't fit in the seats at the stadium, either!

What movies do I have? If it's new, and good... I've got it. If it's old, and crappy... Got that, too! For example, my collection includes The Toxic Avenger (Featuring the Full "Head Crushing" scene!), the God of Gambling Series (Chinese drama, starring Chow Yun Fat), Spaceballs (best comedy ever) and Shawshank Redemption (my favorite drama).

My shelves are very specifically organized. Top row is for box sets (Planet of the Apes, etc.) / Favorites (LOTR and Evil Dead series, etc.) and TV Shows (24 and Simpsons, etc.). Here's a somewhat older picture of my collection, prior to the High Def options coming online:

My DVD collection