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My garage

I live in a colder climate (Toronto, Canada). As such, my garage door is insulated, to allow for better heat retention. In fact, it works great! Even on a cold night, just the heat that comes off the engine of a parked car can easily keep the garage above freezing. This is really nice, when you have leather seats, and don't want to freeze your ass off, getting into the car.

Unfortunately, there's a down side... The garage door actually blocks the signal getting through, for the garage door opener. It's not bad with the original transmitters, but other ones just don't have as much range. Opening the door with the car's Homelink literally takes me 5 - 10 minutes, of rolling up and down the driveway, pressing the button repeatedly, in hopes of finding the sweet spot (which is not a constant). But, how can I fix this...

A friend of the family works for the local Telco, as part of their rolling fleet. He gave me a roll of telephone wire (the type that goes in the walls, not from jack-to-phone), when I moved to the new house, so that I could wire up the phones the way I wanted. Now I have a couple hundred feet left over, and a bright idea!

I connected the Garage Door opener antenna to one of the four wires within the telephone line, and ran it up to the garage ceiling, as seen below.

My garage door

Next, I ran the wire along to the front of the garage, an looped it along the entire front wall, just above the garage door (you can see the white wire, just above the door, here).

My garage door

The end result is great! The Homelink button works from about 15 - 20 feet away, first try. The original transmitters now have about 40 feet of range, which was a nice side benefit. For a "quick fix" this one is a keeper!