Other Interests - My Home Theater

With the exception of my vehicles, this is probably my most expensive past-time. Go read about my DVD collection, to fully understand why I say that. This is where I spend a lot of my leisure time, watching TV, or one of my many movies. The TV was a christmas gift to myself - a Samsung 4696. 46" of 1080P wide screen high definition goodness! Coming from a Toshiba Cinema Series 36" Standard Def TV, this thing is incredible! The components are all Pioneer, and the speakers are a combination of Cerwin Vega (Sub, Center and surrounds) and Paramount (Front Left and Right). Here's the view of my setup, from just behind the sweet spot:

My home theater

The Samsung provides an absolutely phenomenal picture - and for the price it should! Accepting 1080P from HDMI, Component and PC inputs, this TV is great now and should be future proofed for the next few years. I'm feeding HD from the Cable Box (thank you Rogers, for giving me 10-months free HDTV PVR - I'll never be able to go back, now), an XBOX 360 (for games and HD DVD's) and a PS3 (games and Blu-ray). Next time I build a PC for myself, my existing components will likely find their way into a HTPC (Home Theater PC).

After some tweaking of the settings (using a calibration DVD from AVIA) I'm finding myself drooling every time I watch TV, now. It's hard to go outside when everything looks so real inside ;) Click on the picture below to see a full-size image, from right behind the primary viewing seat.

The big green guy looks great on the big screen

This is the heart of my system, below. To the left is my PS3, used for Blu-ray discs, output at 1080p. To the right is the XBOX 360 and HD-DVD Add-on, used for gaming at up to 1080p and movies at 1080i. Movies look SPECTACULAR! Honestly, I don't want to buy anymore DVDs, having seen the high def light! In the center is a Pioneer VSX-D810S to provide the sound output. A Pioneer DV-578A lingers to play the DVDs (sometimes), and because it plays almost everything I've thrown at it... VCD, SVCD, and homemade DVD's. You wouldn't believe the difference between a DVD and the equivalent HD-DVD. I've done tests with the DVD and HD-DVD of the Hulk, King Kong and Batman Begins - there's a world of content you simply are not seeing on a DVD.

The center of my home theater

I have mounted two of my favorite movie posters (Matrix and Spiderman) plaq-mounted, and have them up on the wall. These are images of my actual posters.

The Matrix movie posterSpiderman movie poster