Photography - Storage and Bags

Once I took hold of the D90, I realized that the smallish bags I already had (mostly throw ins when I bought a point and shoot) simply weren't going to be up to the task of holding my gear. The D90 body is fairly big in comparison, let alone the multiple lenses, external flash (if I get one) and other odds and sods I now need with me. Given that I have a couple of very different uses for the camera (e.g., family outings versus natures hikes), I decided there was a need for a couple of different bags, tailored to fit the situation. The two bags I use are: Lowepro Primus AW, Kata DB-453

Lowepro Primus AW

After a fair bit of research, I finally picked out the bag that I wanted for hiking use - the Lowepro Primus AW backpack. This bag is great for this purpose! Not that it was the main selling feature, but it's also nice that it was made out of recycled materials, and I love having the weather guard available for surprise rains.

The two biggest things I needed was space and access...

Well, this thing has storage for everything you could possibly want for... I can easily fit the D90 with 70-300VR attached, the 18-105VR, 35mm f/1.8 and extra memory cards, etc. in the "camera section" of the bag, and use the top for all the other necessities (snacks, lunch, water, jacket, etc.). There's a separate bottle holder (nice) and tripod/monopod holder.

What really sold me though, was the access doors. The main compartments are accessed through zippered doors on the BACK of the bag. When on your shoulders, the contents are safe and sound. Both sections are well padded, with more in the camera section (for obvious reasons), and lots of velcroed walls, that can be adjusted to fit your gear. There is an easy access door on the side, which allows my to open the door and pull out the camera, without taken the bag off. When I'm done, it's just as easy to get the camera back in the bag, and zipped up, again. I can walk with the camera in the bag, pull it out and be firing of the first shot within 5-seconds! This alone make the bag PERFECT for nature walks, when you never know what may be just ahead of you. (note: larger camera bodies may not squeeze through the quick access door.)

There are all kinds of harnesses for this bag - this is good, and bad. When you have the bag loaded with weight, the extra support helps to distribute the weight, making it easier to go for long walks with this one. The only downside to the bag is that there isn't an easy way to put the straps out of the way when not needed...

So, the bag is great. Lots of space - unless you have some of the largest lenses (like a 400mmf/2.8), you won't have a problem - and easy access to your stuff, and quick access door to the camera make it perfect for those quick draw situations.

Here's the bag loaded with the D90 (70-300VR attached), 35mm f/1.8, 18-105VR, some extra clothes, drinks and snacks:

My Primus AW bag

And just the gear:

My Primus AW bag

Kata DB-453 Digital Bag

It took quite a bit longer for my to choose the right bag for general use, but I finally picked one out - the Kata DB-453 digital bag.

For what I wanted, this little bag is great - it's a camera bag that doesn't scream "I'M A CAMERA BAG!". The D90 fits in perfectly, along with either the 35mm f/1.8 or the 18-105VR attached, and the other stored, along with some small odds and sods, like memory cards, etc. This is NOT a carry-all type bag, but that's not what I wanted...

The bag seems very well made, with plenty of padding, EVRYWHERE. The camera is in a separate little bag within the bag. Once the small bag is returned to the main compartment, there is space left over to the side, perfect for another medium-sized lens (like the 18-105VR).

Basically, for a small camera bag the doesn't draw attention, I think this is a great option. You can't carry everything, but that's not the point of this bag. The camera is super safe, storage is good and the bag is inconspicuous.

Here's the bag when closed up - pretty inconspicuous:

My Kata camera bag

And showing the gear (D90 with 35mm attached and 18-105VR):

My Kata camera bag